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Well, I've already tried this once, only to have all my hard work and delicate crafting go to waste, so it's just down to the bare bones for today's effort. It's just as well. It's only the NBA tonight, and many of the games on the schedule are downright ugly.

THE NBA (6-3 on Sunday)

BUTTA (1-0 on Sunday)
1. Thunder (-170) over JAZZ - The Thunder are still stinging from a home loss on Sunday against the Knicks. They also know another loss tonight will all but hand the Spurs the top seed for the playoffs. I think the (-3 1/2) hung on OkC is a pretty safe number, but there's just not enough "wiggle room" between it and my projection for the game to want to go that way.
2. PARLAY: NETS (-380) over 76ers, HEAT (-270) over Bucks AND LAKERS (-465) over Hornets - The Nets still have some work to do before securing the 4th spot in the east and home court in at least the quarterfinals. The Heat will be without Bosh and Wade tonight, but LeBron, Chalmers and Allen are good to go, and you know the Heat will be eager to show the Bucks what's in store for them in the 1st round of the playoffs. The Lakers might even be a good play on the (-8) hung on them. A lot of those monkeys with bad combovers in cheap suits are looking at the Stingers in this game. They seem to think the Lakers will hold something back tonight with a big road tilt upcoming in Portland tomorrow. I say "Poppycock!" The Lakers are playing from behind right now, and if the playoffs started tonight, L.A. would be sitting it out and hoping for good luck in the lottery draw. There's no holding back now, and the Hornets look like easy meat. Nawlins got a rare road win on Sunday in Phoenix, so I expect they'll return to form tonight.

1. PACERS (-14 1/2, U 189 1/2) 106, Cavs 80
2. 76ers (+8, U192) 90, NETS 89
3. KNICKS (-9, U194) 109, Wizards 82
4. HEAT (-6, U196 1/2) 107, Bucks 76
5. BULLS 89, Raptors (+4 1/2, U185 1/2) 85
6. GRIZZLIES (-13 1/2, O185 1/2) 109, Bobcats 90
7. ROCKETS (-14 1/2, O212) 115, Suns 97
8. Thunder (-3 1/2, O199 1/2) 103, JAZZ 99
9. LAKERS (-8 1/2, U196) 98, Hornets 86
10. Wolves (+6 1/2, U201 1/2) 105, WARRIORS 91

Yes, the dreaded 3-team parlay is more than I usually take on, but the logic is right, the instincts and feel for things has been tight and a (+110) payout makes it more than worth the risk involved. Have a great rest of your Tuesday, and I'll see you again tomorrow.
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