I just bowled my first 300 game!!!

3/2/08 in Bowling   |   DiabloLoco   |   respect

I just bowled my first 300 game today!!! (3/2/08) I did it in a team event in the Cortland City Tourney. I have been bowling in leagues for 11 years (since I was 17) and the top prize has eluded me until today. I carry a 210 average. Do you bowl? What is your high game/series?
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3/4/08   |   GeoGunz

Congrats on that 300 game. I'm not a league bowler but my girls force me to take them to the alley just about every other week. I don't got an average off the back but the highest I ever hit was 231 everything was either a spare or a strike, first time I ever did that and the last.....lol. I felt a sense of accomplishment for that day but pay for it later cause the damm ball peel some skin off of my fingers....LMAO. I told this lady to buy me a glove....damm her.

3/3/08   |   Danny2323

Thats awesome!!! Maybe someday Ill bowl one. I bowled for about 8 years and had a 200 average when I stopped bowling 5 years ago when I was 20. High game was a 282 series was 720-740 somewhere in there.

3/2/08   |   DiabloLoco

bhopp4p1 wrote:
Congrats dude!  I hope it's the 1st of many.

Thx...me too!

3/2/08   |   bhopp4p1

Congrats dude!  I hope it's the 1st of many.

3/2/08   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

Congratulations!  That's every bowlers dream, well done!

I used to actually be a decent bowler and could get a 100 average, now if I get a 60 it's a good game.