I woke up looking forward to an NBA game. What happened?

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I can't tell you the last time that's happened, but I just can't help it. How can you not be 1) looking forward to tonight's Game 6 and 2) rooting for the Warriors. Not to mention the added bonus of watching Mark Cuban explode.

Dan Shanoff summed it up appropriately this morning:

It's not just that the Warriors eked into the playoffs or that Baron Davis has emerged as this spring's Dwyane Wade – the player everyone seems to have "always" liked, even though they never talked about the guy before this run.

It's that this Warriors team defies everything most fans thought they knew about the NBA -- even in this intriguing "Sunsified" era, the up-and-down strategic style that will do more to save the league than any individual talent or marketing campaign.

Unless you are from Dallas or are a Mavs fan, you cannot be an NBA fan – or a sports fan – and not be rooting for the Warriors tonight. Rooting for history. Rooting for anarchy.

But it not just the players and the potential history, I'm equally pumped up to just enjoy the atmosphere. I'm not a college game has rivaled the exuberance of Warriors fans the last two games at home. Tonight should be ever louder. Golden State of Mind gives us a glimpse into the state of mind in the Bay Area:

And the fans? I don't even need to tell you what you have to do. Be LOUD. Be insanely loud. If the Warriors get the lead, get LOUD. If the Warriors lose the lead, get LOUDER. No respectable GSoM member should have their voice tomorrow. If you are at home, shout at your TV until your neighbors call the cops. Then when the cops show up, have them come in and get loud too. Be sure to offer them something to drink though. It's only polite.

The Mavs actually have the guts to step back into our house tonight. Let's play some 5 on 20,005!

Not to mention, crossing your fingers that Miss Jessica Alba could be in attendance. How can you not be pumped for this game? I haven't cared this much about an NBA game since the Jordan era.

How will this one play out? (photo by REUTERS/Robert Galbraith)

Our for the taking (Golden State of Mind)

How can you NOT root for the Warriors? (Dan Shanoff)

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