Ichiro Suzuki Traded to Yankees

Ichiro Traded to Devils

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Jul 23, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; New York Yankees outfielder Ichiro Suzuki (31) participates in batting practice before a game against the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRENothing ever really ends well. Even people that die in their sleep at the age of 100 would probably be pissed in one way or another if they were still able to muster any breath to tell you about it. As of today, Ichiro Suzuki is no longer a Seattle Mariner and that's not such an unexpected thing in and of itself. But he's now a New York Yankee and that just makes me want to run on down to the Yankee Tavern in my Mariners cap, puke, and leave.

It's said that Ichiro requested a trade a couple of weeks back so that Seattle could "start its rebuilding process." If it was indeed his decision, we doubt that his intent was so selfless, but considering all the guy has done for the Mariners, we'll overlook that. Fact is, this move smacks of what the Boston Bruins did for one Raymond Bourque in the twilight of his career when they dealt him to the Colorado Avalanche so that he'd at least have a shot of winning a Stanley Cup, a feat he accomplished in 2001. Thing is, Ichiro does deserve to play out the string on a winner with a chance of winning it all, but why the Yankees? The M's have done such a great job lately of screwing the Bombers in one way or another (pulling Cliff Lee off the table and Pineda for Montero), but this one hurts. No matter what Ichiro does in New York, I really can't stand the thought of him playing in for the Yankees. And please stop calling D.J. Mitchell and Danny Farquhar prospects, fer crissakes. 

I know Ichiro is only hitting a shade above .260 this year, but if you look up and down the Mariners lineup, that still makes him about the best hitter they have. I'd like to think that on a team with a solid lineup from top to bottom that Ichiro could recapture some of his old magic and make his way back towards .300 and 200 hits, and maybe he will. But this is the Yankees we're talking about. I can't stand the Yankees. If it were any other team in the bigs I'd probably be rooting for Ichiro to get that World Series ring. But I just can't do it. 

So, I'll end this thing by saying, "Good luck Ichiro. I hope you find your old stroke and make that rightfield porch at Yankee stadium look like the joke that it is. But I really hope you don't sniff the series this year... at least not in pinstripes."  
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By the way, i know he's got a lot of fans in New York.