Iconic Dennis Rodman is “broke” and “extremely sick”

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Media reports have brought forth some shocking news about the former NBA super star Dennis Rodman. According to reports the NBA icon is “broke” and “extremely sick”.
The news, which was originally brought into light by Los Angeles Times, further said that Rodman was unable to pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars in child and support and spousal payments.
The 50-year-old forward, who used to play for the Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, owes $808,935 in child support to the two children he had with his third wife Michelle Rodman.
This information has also been confirmed by Michelle’s attorney Jack Kayajanian. The attorney also informed that Rodman has to pay $51,441 in spousal support.
Rodman, aka “The Worm” and “Dennis the Menace”, face a court hearing in Southern California on Tuesday. If Rodman is unable to come up with the money, he will be jailed for 20 days on charges of failure to pay child and spousal support.

Linnea Willis, Rodman’s attorney, said in court that the former Laker is having a hard time meeting his living expenses, therefore he cannot pay child and spousal support.
Rodman has to make payments of $4,500 on monthly basis for child and spousal support ot Michelle. In addition to that Rodman has to pay $5,000 to another child he has from another relationship.
“Respondent Dennis Rodman is broke and cannot afford any additional fees,” stated court documents which were filed on his behalf. The document further stated that Rodman was “extremely sick” and his ability to earn money was diminishing with age.
Both parties are in search for a solution. Hopefully there will be a happy end to this unfortunate tale.
Nevertheless, Rodman’s life has become a perfect example for the story of a man who had it all but then lost it.
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