If Houston Lands Dwight Howard, Additional Moves Coming?

6/29/13 in NBA   |   AJ_88   |   166 respect

The Houston Rockets will be the first team to have a meeting with Dwight Howard, and that meeting will take place in Los Angeles Sunday morning and the group delivering the pitch will include, among others, Kevin McHale, James Harden, former great Hakeem Olajuwan as well as Chandler Parsons. 

The question is - if (or when) the Rockets are able to secure Dwight's services for the next four seasons, what will they do next? Will they convince Howard that Jeremy Lin is the point guard that can bring this team to the Finals? Or will they combine all their young talent and draft picks over the last few years to package them in a deal to land Boston's final fire-sale piece in Rajon Rondo? 

Let that sink in a second. A Big-3 of Harden, Howard and Rondo would propel this team instantly to the upper Blog Photo - If Houston Lands Dwight Howard, Additional Moves Coming?echelon of the Western Conference - some may even say they belong at the top. Rondo is a proven leader, although volatile and unpredictable at points, he is a terrific floor leader and unbelievable passer. The Rockets could send Lin, Parsons and Thomas Robinson (last season No. 5 pick) for Rondo, appeasing Danny Ainge with youth and athleticism while ridding the Celts of their final piece. 

The Houston Rockets are making a push to become as relevant as they once were in the mid-90's. There is no better guy to convince Howard that Houston is the place to be than Hakeem - his tutor and mentor. Rondo would provide this team with the leadership at the point it so desperately needs, but it remains to be seen if Houston would part with Lin when he provides such a lift in the international fan base - and that's good for business.

...But so are championships - and a move for Rondo would immediately place them into the contender category.
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