If Only I was hired as the Lions GM

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My path to Lions success.
Needs Offense- 2/3 offensive lineman, the tackles are serviceable,however the interior of the line is ghastly. If a dominant LT is available come the draft I wouldn't hesitate to replace Backus either.
QB-Kitna is a backup and should never have been more. But I don't think the cupboard is bare. Stanton has shown stellar strides when healthy.IMO he should start after the bye week so that we can see exactly what we have before venturing into free agency or the crap shoot that is the draft for a QB.
Defense- DT/MLB, the rush defense has been abismal mostly for a lack of strength down the middle. Under sized tackles and middle LB have allowed opposing offenses to gash the D right up the middle. Poor tackling has been an issue as well....strange considering how superb the tackling was in the preseason.
Rush DE- The Lions need someone at the end position who can bring a constant pass rush. D White has shown glimpses of being that guy but 1 out of 4 games isn't going to cut it. IMO drafting a solid pass rushing end in the next two years is the biggest key to helping the defense .
S-A slightly lesser need is for a second saftey. The secondary isn't as bad as they have looked, any secondary would look that bad when a NFL QB has all day to throw. But Bullocks consistantly is late in help coverage on the deep ball and as we all know a sure fire way to solidify your D is to limit big plays.

That all said the Lions can be a playoff team in 3 yrs with two solid drafts and a few overpayed free agents.
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