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If your Swedish and drive a

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                                                                    This here is translated directly from Swedish language.

                                                                       Volvo 244 from 1975
You are a man 35-45 years.
Smoke happy, and preferably in the car.
Has four children who are always cold.
You have the same tracksuit as well missus and concluded clogs.
You have an old Polar Caravan model 1972 connected to the car.
The car has some elements of plate among grate.
You park like next fiscal cars so you can turn your cardoor in it.
You think that everyone who does not drive Swedish-made cars are traitors to their country.
Favorite words: "You can speak shit about my wife but not about my Volvo."

                                                             AUDI 80 from 1973

You are a newly appointed male driverlicense hooligan 18 years old. 
You think your car is immortal
You like landing on the front supportarm when you go over the "bumps".
You run often and preferably in the ditch edges of dust on the cars behind.
You can change backwheel bearings 2 times a week because they have become a little "worn"
You like to "slip" around on narrow gravel roads and experience nature up close
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