Illini's Jamar Smith Dismissed From Basketball Team

8/1/08 in NCAABB   |   IlliniBob72   |   83 respect

Jamar Smith, formerly of the Illinois Fighting Illini, was dismissed from the program for what Illini coach Bruce Weber called violating a personal agreement to stay on the team. "Jamar's decision to violate the terms of our personal agreement for his potential return to our basketball program has left me with no other recourse but to rescind that opportunity", as reported by the Chicago Tribune. Smith was part of a group outisde a Champaign, IL bar at 2:30 in the morning. Police told the group to disperse, after which Smith and his group returned to the scene, not once but twice. It was the third time police told Smith to leave that they smelled alcohol on him. When asked if he had been drinking, he admitted to consuming three beers that night. This was a blatant violation of his parole.

This follows a well publicized incident in February of 2007 in which Smith crashed his car into a tree with teammate Brian Carlwell in the passenger seat. Smith has a BAC of .176. The most disturbing aspect of the story was that Smith, thinking Carlwell was dead, drove home to his apartment and left Carlwell in the vehicle. Ambulances arrived when bystanders called 911 after seeing the car and Carlwell inside.

I simply cannot believe that someone can be so dumb. Smith was given a second chance by Bruce Weber and the University of Illinois and he completely screwed it up. Keep in mind, there are many who believe he should have never been given that second chance. The worst part about this is that if he had just gone home after being told to the first time, he wouldn't be in this predicament. But instead he returned to deal with the police a second and third time. If nothing else, he has shown himself to possess dangerously bad judgment.

The Fighting Illini will certainly be worse on the court with Smith's absence, but the program will better for it. Smith would have been the first convicted felon to play Big Ten basketball. Hardly the kind of history the Illini are looking to make. The verbal abuse he would have had to endure on the road would have driven anyone to the bottle. The Illini and, I believe, Jamar Smith are better off with him out of the program.
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8/2/08   |   cvilleillini

Didn't Iowa have a convict on their team?  Maybe it wasn't a felony

8/1/08   |   Scott   |   54611 respect

I expected more out of Jamar Smith and thought he for sure would've learned his lesson.  Bruce Weber and the university took alot of heat for giving him a second chance and to show his gratitiude, Smith goes out, gets into trouble and violates his parole.  I applaud Weber and company for taking swift action, better to wash there hands of Smith as soon as possible.  Yes, this will hurt the Illini on the court but let's be real, this isnt about basketball.  This is about a troubled 21 year old who just doesnt get it.  He almost killed a teammate, now he has killed his college career for the Illini and could end up in jail.  Hardly the type of role model that the university needs for there teams. 

8/1/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Never ever be surpised by how dumb people can be.

8/1/08   |   IlliniAmy

He's an idiot.  I was ok with his "second chance", but he totally thumbed his nose at Bruce Weber, the Illini program, his teammates, his family, and the Illini fans with his latest actions.