I'm Ready For My Interview, Phil Emery

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May 23, 2012; Lake Forest, IL, USA; Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery in attendance during organized team activities at Halas Hall.  Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY SportsI have been waiting all week for my phone call. I have been prepping my media relations, my enthusiasm, my offensive schemes-I mean for Gods sakes Phil Emery, GM of the Chicago Bears, is interviewing everyone else across the NFL for the Bears head coaching job. Why not me?  

OK, OK, so maybe I am not really qualified at all-but is that really stopping him? The guy has already interviewed 9 candidates that we know of, with 4 still on the list to be interviewed and another 6 or 7 that could possibly get in on the action. Then he's going to have a second round of interviews, and then? It will be July and Emery will be meeting with the final candidates in Bourbannais.

I had confidence in Emery. After his quick dismissal of Lovie, and his clear and concise concepts of what Emery was looking for in a Bears head coach, I was excited. REally excited. I was thinking, how great to have a GM in Chicago with a clear vision of the direction he wants this team to go. Key pieces are in place, but without a coach that can turn this team into an offensive force, we will just see more seasons like the last few. So I was psyched.

Then, without batting an eye, Andy Reid gets hired, the Bills hire their new coach and Cleveland just signs their new coach. And the Bears are continuing their world tour of interviewing across the league. This cannot be making other teams happy. And, now the Bears will have to make more coaches angry by turning down more candidates. 

Wasn't Phil Emery hired as GM because he knew so many people across the NFL? If he knows all these candidates so well, and has a vision for what he wants in a Bears coach, what the heck is going on? Why is he interviewing every possible candidate? Shouldn't he know what he wants?

I get that he wants to dot all of his "i's" and cross all of his "t's", and cover all his bases, but this is ridiculous. I thought the Bears were down being the joke of the NFL. With all of Jerry Angelo's horrendous draft picks over the years, for this coaching search to go on like it is, makes no sense whatsoever. 

Stop the madness Phil Emery! Pick someone. Get on with it. There is a draft to worry about, and an offensive line to replace and decisions about Urlacher and many others. There is a football team to put together, so just decide. You know what you want. find your man and lets get this show on the road. No time to waste. Unless you're on the phone calling me now...then it all makes sense.
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He's an idiot. He said the offensive line was not that big of a problem. The guy fooled ownership into thinking he has a clue.