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I'm sick of All-Star voting at all levels

1/25/08 in Locker Room   |   DeeRigga   |   5704 respect

In sports, we are priviledged to see on showcase some of the most gifted athletes in the world performing games that we love at a very high level.  Quite honestly, I know some folks are more gifted than others...but right now, I have got to vent.


All-Star events are a sham.  NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL (Does MLS have one?  Yeah, their's is a farce also!)  You may be saying, "Dee Rigga...why are you tripping on this?  They are just for the fans anyway..."; but as a fan, I want to see the folks that DESERVE to be called ALL-STARS in these events - standout players that should be recognized for their work at WHATEVER point in the season the ALL-STAR venue is held.  Take for instance the NBA ALL-STAR rosters of this year...

Eastern Conference Starters:

Jason Kidd

LeBron James

Dwayne Wade

Kevin Garnett

Dwight Howard

That is a pretty DAYUM accurate list for a starting team.   Now...The Western Conference:

Western Conference Starters:

Kobe Bryant

Allen Iverson

Carmelo Anthony

Yao Ming

Tim Duncan

No argument that this is a great group.  But let's look at it closely:

Allen Iverson?  The starting guard?  WHY?  Maybe nobody has heard or seen of CHRIS PAUL this year (ohh, he's only leading the NEW ORLEANS HORNETS to the BEST RECORD IN THE WC); Carmelo is ballin', but over the likes of Brandon Roy (Port), Dirk, even Rudy Gay in Memphis?  How about Manu Ginobili?  This guy, although many argue that because he comes off the bench, he should not even be considered an MVP canidate, is NOT SLATED to even go!  Ray Allen...Paul Pierce...Chris Bosh...Caron Butler..Chauncey Billups...Boozer...Daron Williams...why are these guys being looked over?


 I know, it's the market fields these teams are in that hurt them in fan voting; but that is what is WRONG with this system!  I know we want to see the favorites, but there should be a line that allows experts and teams to choose deserving players these honors; they would make for very competitive games also.  This is so evident in all other major sports' All Star venues also.  We fans are sometimes not fair in the choices being made; those who earn it should be given their dues on the big stage when its appropriate.


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