Iman Shumpert says Michael Jordan is lucky Shumpert never guarded him

Iman Shumpert says Michael Jordan's lucky he never had to play against him. Uh, really?

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Blog Photo - Iman Shumpert says Michael Jordan is lucky Shumpert never guarded himIman Shumpert is an outstanding defensive player. Anyone who has seen him play can attest to that. However, there are still guys who can score against him.

According to Shumpert, he can shut down pretty much anyone. Up to, and including Michael Jordan in his prime.

Yes, the same Michael Jordan who averaged 30 points per game over his entire career, and is widely regarded as the best player ever to step on a basketball court.

Shumpert's comments, from an interview with Steve Serby of the NY Post:
I could always hang it over his head that he’s lucky I don’t have to guard him. He would always be able to go at me and say, “You wouldn’t be able to guard me,” and I could say, “Well you’re lucky I didn’t have to guard you.” 
There’s only so much you can do when somebody hits jumpshots with three people’s hands in his face ... but I probably would have denied him better than anybody else. As far as just not letting him the touch the ball, I probably just wouldn’t let him touch it. Even though that’s hard enough, I think I could have kept him uncomfortable. I wouldn’t have backed down, it’d been me and John Starks in his face if I had been on the Knicks back then.

For some reason, no matter how many accolades Shumpert piles up in his career, I don't see Jordan ever even wasting his breath talking to Shumpert about something like this. But hey... a guy can dream, I suppose.
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5/28/12   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

I watched him guard Derrick Rose for most of a game. Rose, who isn't nearly as skilled as Jordan still put up over 20 points. Rose is also just 6'3" while Jordan was 6'6". One thing I did notice is Shumpert plays too close and that makes him susceptible to head fakes and a lot of fouls. Nobody was better than Jordan at making defenders leave the floor with his ball or head fakes. Jordan wasn't all athleticism; he was always the smartest player on the floor.

4/18/12   |   dadopeonehigh   |   17 respect

Dream big or don't dream at all I guess?

4/18/12   |   irocmix   |   203 respect

What a fool!

4/18/12   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

What's an Iman Shumpert?