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In Honor Of Felix Pie's Twisted Testicle, A Look Back At Weird Sports Injuries

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To say Felix Pie's recent injury of a twisted testicle is somewhat odd would be an understatement. I'm not really sure how you twist a testicle and I definitely don't want to know how he did it.

But Pie's bizarre injury gives us the chance to look back at some the most bizarre injuries that have ever happened to pro athletes. So, rather than waste time, let's get right to the hilarious injuries. We even found some insane soccer ones, that might beat any American ones.

  • St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Vince Coleman injured his knee when he was run over by the animated field tarp apparatus before the 1985 World Series.

  • Sacramento Kings rookie Lionel Simmons missed some games during the 1991 season when he developed tendinitis in his right wrist from playing too many video games, primarily the Nintendo GameBoy.

  • Atlanta's John Smoltz once burned himself while ironing a shirt.  Apparently Smoltz was wearing the shirt at the time. [This is not true by the way, but an urban legend]

  • Ken Griffey Jr. once missed a game for the Mariners when he pinched himself with his protective cup.

  • San Diego pitcher Adam Eaton missed a 2001 start when he stabbed himself in the stomach while trying to cut the shrink-wrap off a DVD.

  • Tom Glavine, then with the Atlanta Braves, broke a rib when he threw up an in-flight meal on an airplane.

  • Former NHL goaltender Glenn Healy missed time between the pipes after he cut his finger while attempting to repair bagpipes.

  • Wade Boggs injured his back while trying to pull on cowboy boots.

  • Arizona kicker Bill Gramatica suffered a season-ending injury when he tore his ACL celebrating a successful field goal. 

  • Hall of Famer George Brett broke his toe when he tripped running from the kitchen to the living room to watch a baseball game replay of himself on TV.

  • Colorado's Larry Walker separated his shoulder while fishing.
  • Pitcher Carlos Perez broke his nose in a car accident - he was trying to pass the team bus at the time.
  • Sammy Sosa had to go on injured reserve when he hurt his back while sneezing.
  • David Cone missed a start when his mother-in-law's dog bit him.

  • Jacksonville punter Chris Hanson needed stitches after a wayward swing with an ax at a tree stump that was placed in the locker room for motivational purposes.

  • Latrell Sprewell broke his hand when he tripped and fell of his yacht in 2002.

  • Nolan Ryan once missed a start because he was bitten by a coyote.

  • Washington QB Gus Ferotte was taken to the hospital with a jammed neck after he head-butted the end zone concrete wall while celebrating a touchdown.

  • Tony Gwynn fractured a finger when he slammed his car door on his hand.
  • Muggsy Bogues missed the second half of an NBA game after unintentionally inhaling ointment fumes during a halftime treatment.
  • Boston's Craig Grebeck had to leave a game after rubbing his eye with a finger that had stick-em on it.

  • Back in the 70s, Norwegian International defender Svein Grondalen had to withdraw from an International after an accident which happened while he was out jogging. He collided with a moose.

  • Soccer player David Seaman once broke a bone reaching for his TV remote

  • In 1970 the career of Brentford's goalie Chic Brodie was ended by injury following a mid-match collision with a dog that had invaded the pitch.


  • Soccer player Milan Rapaic once missed the start of Hajduk Split's season after sticking his boarding-pass in his eye at the airport.

  • Indonesian star Mistar, 25, was tragically killed by a herd of pigs that invaded his team's training pitch before a Cup fixture in 1995.


There are of course countless more bizarre injuries, but the page would go on forever. I think my favorite is the goalie whose career was ended by getting hit by a dog during a game. That's one you never see coming.
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9/13/11   |   jameshardy565

I always knew fishing was dangerous haha.

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3/4/08   |   SaskHab

George Parros broke his taint in college. He was out for a few weeks.

3/4/08   |   $Big BANK Bob$   |   25 respect

excellent post and picture too!  Love the full body

3/3/08   |   barmarjeff   |   39 respect

Adrian McPherson was hit by a golf cart driven by the Titans mascot during halftime.

3/3/08   |   ISUMatt

Ricky Hendedrson got frostbite by falling asleep with a icepack on him...Ricky also went on the DL cuz he slipped and fell in the bathtub...

3/3/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Clint Barmes fell down the stairs while schlepping deer meat.  (Rumor has it he actually hurt himself rolling an ATV on Todd Helton's property - dunno why he thinks the deer meat story sounds better).

Brian Griese tripped over his girlfriends chihuahua and fell down the stairs.

Typical Griese.

3/3/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

(Edited by Boski93)

Let us not forget Joel Zumaya and his injury caused by play Guitar Hero.



3/3/08   |   Jon   |   5 respect

The Smoltz one might not be true, but Brian Anderson once burned his face with an iron while testing to see if it was hot.