Incognito’s racial slurs go deeper than they look

11/12/13 in NFL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWhen Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper was caught on film using racial slurs, it was the main topic for many days and caused an outrage.
By know everyone knows the bulling case of Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin and how Incognito forced him to leave the team by continuous harassment and threats. The latest hit was a released voice message in which he racially abused him. Although the whole situation is being dealt with seriously, most people are forgetting how deep the racial slurs actually go.
It seems as if the Riley incident had simply left the football fans to wonder that players using racial slurs s something common. Shannon Sharpe of CBS disagreed.
“The Miami Dolphins locker room probably consists of 75 to 80 percent blacks,” Sharpe said. “If you allow Richie Incognito to walk around in an open locker room and to use a racial epithet”, he said “that most black Americans, all black Americans, know the . . . hate and the vitriol that comes with that word, you are encouraging him to do that.” 
“I read, and I don’t know, this is alleged, that some black players said Richie Incognito was an honorary black”, he said. “There is no such thing. This tells me everything I need to know about the Miami Dolphins locker room.”
Sharpe continued saying that racial slurs were something not to be taken lightly and allowing open use of them in locker room was something that clearly showed the nature of a team.
“Maybe it’s me. Just ask your parents. Ask your grandparents. The mountain that they climbed so a black person in America could have respect,” Sharpe said “could have dignity, and you allow this in an open locker room to take place is unacceptable. I’m so disappointed. . . .  Because if you’re black, you know what that word means.”
But the Dolphins response on learning about the incident was commendable. They immediately suspended Incognito for indefinite time and are looking to severing ties with him and franchise. Although they have not clarified about his future with the team, his racial slurs and the context in which they were used against Martin clearly speak volumes for his character.
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