Incredible glove save by Carey Price against Justin Faulk

Carey Price robs Justin Faulk with an amazing glove save

3/8/13 in NHL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

March 7, 2013; Raleigh, NC, USA; Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price (31) makes a 2nd period save against the Carolina Hurricanes at the PNC center. The Canadiens defeated the Hurricanes 4-2. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY SportsPersonally, I'm one of the worst ice skaters on the planet, so I couldn't play hockey even if I wanted to. I'm pretty athletic and good at most sports that I try, but I just can't skate for the life of me.

I was talking to my friends the other day and discussing what position I would play if I could manage to drag myself out on the ice and remain upright long enough to play, and my answer took no hesitation whatsoever.

I'd be a goalie.

I was a catcher for a few years when I played baseball, and that's the closest comparison I could come up with. I was a damn good catcher, and I think I could throw my body in front of the puck enough to be a serviceable goalie, assuming I magically acquired the skills necessary to ice skate in the first place.

As good as I think I could be, there's no way I could come up with a save like this one. Last night, Carey Price committed what the folks over at The Score referred to as grand larceny:

I think I might call it highway robbery, but let's not argue over semantics.
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3/8/13   |   Jess   |   35085 respect

First - Pat, I have to say from experience - if you went out there to play hockey you wouldn't even realize you were on skates. I'd skated once (and even then it was more holding on to the boards around the rink and shuffling) before my first practice. You get geared up and step out there and start doing drills, it's more natural than you'd ever dream possible. It just happens.

Second - everybody knows my love for goalies. They're SO much fun to watch. I wanted to be a goalie once upon a time, until I decided to play the position in a street hockey match with minimal padding. Dumb. Traumatizing. 

That said - dear god this save is fantastic. How fast was that puck moving? Insanity. I can't tell if it would have cleared the net though or gone top shelf, it looked a little high, but regardless...whoa.