Indianapolis Colts make surprise signing of QB Kerry Collins

Facing the possibility of starting the season without Manning, Colts ink veteran Kerry Collins

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The Indianapolis Colts surprised their fans with yet another unpredictable signing. Colts managed to coax veteran quarterback, Kerry Collins out of retirement to play for the Colts after intense negotiations on a Wednesday afternoon.

Colts slated jaw dropping news when they announced that former Titans starter Kerry Collins had agreed to play for their team. 

Collins will prove to be a wise and very useful signing for the Colts. Experts agree that the timely signing has provided the Colts with much needed experience and squad depth. Their current roster represented 3rd year backup Curtis Painter, aged backup Dan Orlovsky, the undrafted rookie Mike Hartline and of course last but not least, the legendary Peyton Manning.

The problem with this list of quarterbacks is instability. Injuries and dismissive form have destroyed the confidence of many players in the squad. Painter however claims he can find serenity amidst all chaos. Maybe that is why he is featuring more time on field these days.

Painter seems to be the new apple of the eye of Head Coach Jim Caldwell, who has placed Painter on the starting list of both preseason games. In both games he completed 8-of-16 passes for 95 yards with no touchdowns and 1 interception.

Last Friday happened to be a bad night for Painter and Co. who lost to Washington Redskins humiliatingly with the score board showing 16-3. Painter recorded only one first down and couldn’t get the offense past its 29. Painter was replaced after half of the game.

It will be interesting to note here that Painter has not been part of a game in regular season since 2009. Orlovsky has a similar story, having played in just 13 games during the 6 NFL seasons.

Collins has an impressive career to boast about with a 55.8 completion percentage and has thrown for 40,441 yards, 206 touchdowns and 195 interceptions. As a member of the first line up Collins, has led his team to the playoffs 4 times which includes a memorable Super Bowl appearance with the Giants during the 2000 season.

Manning has refrained from commenting on the whole Collins saga. Last time Manning’s streak was in jeopardy was in 2008 when he missed all training camps and preseason games after undergoing surgery twice to remove an infected bursa sac from his left knee. Manning had a bad start to the season however he soon picked up form and ended with his 3rd MVP award.


With Collins addition to the squad the question of first team appearance is born again. Only time can tell what plan of action the coach has for his team.



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This signing, makes me want to shake my head. What are the Colts thinking? Colts management have been moaning and groaning the past couple of weeks, cuz they are afraid Peyton Manning wont play the first week of the season. Well guess what, Manning WILL start for the Colts in the first week of this season. You Colts fans can bank on it.Collins took the Giants to the SB and did not win it; and you Colts management signed Collins for 2 years and have him learn a new offense? No wonder Reggie Wayne balked at this move!

8/26/11   |   derms33   |   17649 respect

What, they "vanilla"?