IndyCar gets new series sponsor with Verizon

IZOD IndyCar is now Verizon IndyCar

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Blog Photo - IndyCar gets new series sponsor with VerizonAlthough the announcement was made two days ago, it was made with little fanfare in the sporting world.  After all, it is only motorsports, right?

What with the NFL Combine, the College Basketball championships, and NHL, the news just got lost.  

What does it mean for the series?  

Verizon has been associated with the series for the past four years, but in becoming the Series sponsor they have agreed and promised to step up how the series is presented.  Fans attending the races are promised better signal.  Fans at home are promised a brand new App for their smartphones.  Viewers at home are promised more cameras, better imagery, and better online coverage.  

ABC and IndyCar were first to offer side-by-side television coverage, and FOX has followed suit in their NASCAR coverage, no doubt listening to fans' wishes.  Sprint has long been the sponsor of NASCAR (NEXTEL, the predecessor of Sprint, sponsored prior) and the number of camera angles, placements and enhancements has been exactly what the fans need to enjoy their sport.  Verizon, as a partner in the past, has also bolstered all the racing action IndyCar fans want.  With this new partnership, coverage can only get better.

The first race of the season will take place on March 30, 2014 at St. Petersberg, and the official partnership will be unveiled there.  Today teams are at an open testing session at Barber Motorsports, although it has been put on hold for now due to cold temperatures.  

And finally, Gary Bettenhausen, who started the Indianapolis 500 a total of 21 times, has died at the age of 72.  
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Testing is back underway.  Top Five are Pagenaud, Hinchcliffe, Helio, JPM and RHR

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