Injuries expsose Packersí flaws

11/27/12 in NFL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

The Green Bay Packers’ 38-10 Sunday night defeat set two things into perspective. One – the New York Giants are were just an overall better team on the field that night, and two – the Green Bay Packers are desperately lacking in certain departments due to the piling injuries to key players.
The first obvious flaw could be detected along the Green Bay Packers’ offensive line. Starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers was sacked five times and the pocket kept collapsing, forcing him to make premature plays. The vast injuries have certainly taken a toll on the offensive line, but it’s now is the time for some accountability. The Green Bay Packers will have to do with the currently healthy players they have and the offensive line needs to focus on protecting Aaron Rogers.
Considering the Green Bay Packers are keying-in on the running game, bolstering the offensive line could in return boost that aspect of the team’s production as well. After all, the Green Bay Packers need to do something beyond just keep running the ball for three yards on first and second down and then await a pass competition for third down. Running back Cedric Benson’s return could sort out a few issues for the Green Bay Packers, but he never made a splash on that aspect of the game.
However, wide receiver Greg Jennings’ return could be more helpful to Aaron Rogers. Greg Jennings’ is a receiver who’s hard to cover, and he could also provide a distraction for the other Green Bay Packers receivers being targeted by the quarterback. This could also be a boost to Jordy Nelson’s performance as the receiver only seems to be at his best when perceived as the No.2 receiver. 
Defensively speaking, linebacker Clay Matthew’s absence has weakened the Green Bay Packer’s performance on that side of the ball. The Green Bay Packer’s run defense is nearly not as effective, as was proven Sunday night, when the New York Giants averaged 4.7 yards per rush. Additionally, the Green Bay Packers’ run defense in is most heavily reliant on Clay Matthews’ presence in the field.
The Green Bay Packers failed to build pressure on New York Giants starting quarterback Eli Manning, who was sacked only once in the game. Eli Manning had all the time in the world to pick his plays from the pocket.
It’s not easy to judge how good the Green Bay Packers would be without the ill-fated injuries. But one things’ for certain, the injuries can’t be blamed for all of the Green Bay Packers’ woes. However, Greg Jennings and Cedric Benson will be returning soon and that should be certainly an improvement on the Green Bay Packers’ current conditions.
Nonetheless, the 7-4 Green Bay Packers ranking 2nd in the NFC North are still legitimately in contention for a playoffs spot. However, the Green Bay Packers should have some cause of concern over their current 2-4 matchup against teams with winning records. But if the Green Bay Packers get hot right ahead of the playoffs and have all their key injured players back, they could be in for a long playoffs run and possibly emerge victorious in the end.
And keeping off another New York Giants dose at all costs during the playoffs could also turnout to be a good call.
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