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International Olympic Committee strips Crystal Cox of Athens Olympic relay gold medal

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWith the London Olympics preparations at their peak, the International Olympic Committee is digging up doping cases from the past, that serve as a haunting reminder of former athlete’s mistakes for the current participants. American sprinter Crystal Cox is just a recent example of the International Olympic Committee’s no-tolerance policy towards violation of Olympic rules and the fundamentals of every sport.
The International Olympic Committee formally declared Crystal Cox ineligible for the 2004 gold medal she won in 4x400-meter relay at Athens Olympics, and proceeded by disqualifying her from the event. As if the news wasn’t bad enough to taint the reputation of women’s U.S. team, they are also in wait for a final verdict on whether the team itself will be disqualified from the gold medal.
During 2010, Crystal Cox admitted to using anabolic steroids during the Athens campaign and was awarded a four-year suspension that stripped her off the titles from the period 2001 to 2004.
While Crystal Cox was unceremoniously stripped of her gold medal, the fate of the U.S team remains undecided. The International Olympic Committee said that the U.S team’s case comes under the jurisdiction of the International Association of Athletics Federation, who will deliberate on whether the team deserves to lose its gold medal.
According to International Olympic rules, even the reported doping of even one member of a relay team is sufficient to land the whole team in troubled waters. However, the delay in his case arises from the uncertainty surrounding the implementation of the International Association of Athletics Federation’s rule and whether the policy was in effect during the Athens Olympics.
"It is now within the remit of the IAAF to interpret its rules as to whether the disqualification of the athlete would have any effect on the results of the U.S. relay team," said International Olympic Committee Spokesperson Mark Adams, in a statement reflecting the board’s intentions.
Crystal Cox ran at the preliminary relay race at the Athens Olympics. The members of the U.S. Team who ran in the final relay race at the Athens Olympics included Dee Dee Trotter, Sanya Richards, Monique Hennegan and Monique Henderson.
If the U.S. Team is stripped of its gold medal, then the runner-up teams will move up in ranking. Team Britain which ran in for the fourth spot will get it’s hands on the bronze medal. Jamaica, which previously had the bronze medal will be anointed with the silver medal. Russia which was runner-up to the first spot with the silver medal will move up to secure the gold medal.
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