Introducing FanIQ Playbook

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We are excited to announce the launch of FanIQ’s Playbook!   Playbook is like “betting” on games at a Las Vegas sportsbook except you use Q Bucks and not cash.  

I'm personally very excited about Playbook because one of the most requested features by FanIQ users has always been “head to head” wagering on games.  Playbook not only lets you wager against your friends, we’ll also track your head to head record.

Here’s an overview of Playbook:

•    Bet Q Bucks against suggested opponents or take on your friends
•    Bet on NBA, NCAABB, NHL games (we’ll be adding more sports in the future)
•    Climb the Playbook Leaderboard as you win
•    Buy cool stuff with your Q Buck winnings

Check out Playbook now!

The team has worked extremely hard to bring you this game and we look forward to hearing your feedback and questions below.
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 hi, jess i have won three bets with you .hear from you later

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you're right

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Whether the default person accepts or not?

2/20/10   |   Pat   |   5229 respect

If you challenge the default person, it automatically becomes a public bet immediately.