Is Crosby a hypocrite?

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 The incident between Sidney Crosby and Nick Foligno has been in the news for some time now and has been a hotly debated topic in forums all over. I personally am a big fan of Sidney Crosby as you can tell from my previous articles but I will try my best and analyze the situation from a neutral point of view; is Sidney Crosby really a hypocrite?

It all started with Crosby suffering a concussion due to repeated headshots. The NHL, which has previously ignored the headshot related injuries most of the time were seriously troubled because Crosby was the face of the NHL and his appearance in the ring meant as much to them as it meant to the fans.

During the time he was concussed, he used his profile to advocate for the removal of headshots completely from the game. Brendan Shanahan further advocated the removal of intentional headshots altogether. All these changes came about because Crosby had taken one to the head, which brings us to the incident in question; the Friday night game against the Ottawa Senators.

Nick Foligno of the Senators had a mix up with Marc Andre Fleury and got tangled up with the Pittsburgh goaltender. This resulted in Nick landing on the Penguins goaltender and invited a couple of cross checks from Crosby, the player on the spot who had the task of protecting his goalie and any other player in his place would have done the same thing. Crosby continued his cross checks even when the play continued along the boards. Foligno responded in similar fashion with a few cross checks of his own. Sidney Crosby did nothing to ease up the situation by elbowing Foligno in the face. Foligno was uninjured but Crosby was called for an elbowing minor.

As a Crosby fan it is extremely hard for me to say this but the player who had been an extremely vocal advocate of mutual respect and fair play in the game, a player who continued to push the NHL to take a step on headshots and a player who took it upon himself the job of eliminating headshots from the competition did something of similar sort hardly a week after his return from concussion.

Even Foligno felt about this in the same manner and expressed his feelings in an interview to TSN after the game. “It’s not a big deal, but it is something that he preached all summer about that we should limit that and then he goes and does it, so I was just a little disappointed.”

Of course Foligno was disappointed and he had every reason to be so. It makes Crosby look like a hypocrite and even his biggest fans like me are starting to believe it. Fine you can talk all about the heat of the moment but then what is the difference between Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions NFL team and Crosby. There is a fine line between acceptable aggression and unacceptable aggression and Crosby, for me crossed that line. What makes it all the more disappointing is the fact that he preached all about it all summer.

Crosby missed almost 10 months due to a concussion from a head shot and barely a week into the game, he cant stop himself throwing one.

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Whoa, you're grabbing at straws with the Suh comparison.  If you're a fan of Crosby's, one thing you should know from his interviews throughout the years is that he takes accountability.  That's a HUGE difference between he and Suh, and to even attempt to say something like that is ludicrous.  Yes, it was dumb of Crosby, but for as mature as he is, if you were to ask him about that, he wouldn't deny it and pretend like nothing was wrong with his actions.