Is Max Allegri going to take over the Azzuri? If so what does it mean?

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The Report stating that Allegri will take over the Italian National TeamOver the course of the 2013-14 Serie A season there were many reports as to who would take over for Cesare Prandelli and the Azzuri.  Prandelli's deal is up after the World Cup this year and the name that has been popping up more than any is former Milan coach Max Allegri.  Yes you did read that right.  Reportedly Max had a deal lined up with the National Team after this season because he wasn't given an extension at Milan at the end of last season.  Now that he was fired a little more than a month ago this really opened up the possibility of him taking over the Azzuri.  

Cesare Prandelli has had a fantastic reign as the head man of Italy having gone to a Euro finals and recently going undefeated with the National Team in World Cup Qualifiers.  They are now primed to be a top competitor in this coming World Cup in Brazil.  

So why make a change to a coach like Allegri who couldn't handle the pressure at Milan with formations and choosing where certain players should play?  This would be an utter disaster if it actually goes through for the National Team.  Everyone knows I am the furthest thing from a Max Allegri fan and would be even less of one if he became the coach of Italy.  He would constantly change the formation all the time, play players out of position, call up players who shouldn't even sniff playing time.  

This is even worse news for players like Stephan El Shaawary and Mattia De Sciglio who are two of Italy's top talents that barely got any playing time under Allegri at Milan and were used in roles in which they weren't played to their strengths.  Just think about how poor the choices he'll make with players.  He would play almost everyone out of position and play them in positions that would only work in FIFA.  

My main point here is, in case you haven't noticed is.  He would ruin a great thing that Prandelli has established with Italy and ruin it with his wacky and ill advised tactics.  On top of that he wouldn't call up the most talented and in form players but he would call up the ones that he likes the most.  That usually isn't a recipe for success.  Go check Milan's past 2 and a half seasons in which they were under his control.  

All signs are leading to Allegri becoming the next coach and that deal would last through 2018.  But I have a feeling he won't last until then if he does what he did at Milan.  We better pray and hope that Italy makes a play for a coach like Spalletti or Zaccheroni who are much better options then Count Max.  Hopefully it'll all work out. 
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