Is Mike Woodson to credit for New York Knicks 5-0 start

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The New York Knicks are only undefeated team left this season and I’d bet there are a lot of other teams who’d like to be let in on their secret to a 5-0 start this season. New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson is finally earning his sweet redemption; after he was he was so ingloriously dismissed by the Atlanta Hawks. He’s been sticking the New York Knicks 5-0 start in his critics’ faces but does Mike Woodson truly deserve credit for the team’s success?
Well, for starters, the New York Knicks have been going by an easy schedule, but the next week is critical and completely packed with back-to-back games, or with a day in-between. And they haven’t really faced much of a challenge after the season opener victory over Miami Heat. But the New York Knicks have shown talent and played some solid games against the Philadelphia 76ers and Dallas Mavericks.
The New York Knicks very next game marks a series of closely scheduled road games, which will require more traveling than the Week 2 game hosted by Philadelphia 76es. The farthest the New York Knicks have travelled so far this season is for their 99-89 win over the Orlando Magic. That will certainly challenge the New York Knicks energy levels on the road.
Now getting down to the New York Knicks’ on court schemes, they’ve seemingly played effectively on both ends of the court, which can be attributed to the team’s double digits win in their last five games. The New York Knicks have played aggressive offense, with multiple versatile weapons contributing from the arc. They’ve hit 60 3-pointers this season, ranking seventh in the league, playing just one fewer game than their competition this season (apart from the New Orleans Hornets).
Ronnie Brewer, Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton have contributed surprising numbers from the arc during the New York Knicks’ first five games while J.R. Smith has been leading the team so far with 72 percent shooting from the 3-pointer line.
And defensively, Tyson Chandler may not be contributing the significant blocking numbers Carmelo Anthony mere presence in the paint seems to be keeping the rival’s movement in the region at an all-time low.
Moreover, the New York Knicks defensive effectiveness can be traced back to a rising sense of accountability by players who would usually let minor mistakes slide by. But now you can see Carmelo Anthony diving for a loose ball and J.R. Smith dialing down the aggressive during blocking that would usually fetch foul call against him.
So in a sense, the New York Knicks have played with a bit of luck and by dominating both sides of the court.
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