Is the Georgia Dome "Sliderita" bacon-cheeseburger-margarita a real thing?

Falcons fans garnishing their margaritas with bacon cheeseburgers

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Blog Photo - Is the Georgia Dome  "Sliderita" bacon-cheeseburger-margarita a real thing?Oddsmakers do not like the Atlanta Falcons' chances of surviving Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers. I don't like the chances of Atlanta fans' lower intestines surviving if they try a new dish at the Georgia Dome that's making the rounds on social media -- it's called a "Sliderita", and it sticks two bacon cheeseburgers on top of a giant margarita with salt.

To be fair, it does not appear that the Sliderita is an actual item on the Georgia Dome concession menu. Some adventurous Falcons fan appears to have merely stuck some slider burger sandwiches onto his margarita -- but in doing so, he has pretty much won Twitter for the last couple of days, and has Falcons fans clamoring for this bizarre "appetocktail".

The Sliderita was first noticed when Atlanta fan and self-described "helluva guy" Derek Johnson saw a fellow Falcons fan with two bacon sliders slapped on top of his margarita. Johnson posted a Twitpic of the Sliderita in all its delicious-looking sloppiness. Later in the game, SBNation editor snapped a Sliderita picture (seen below), a cocktail-and-appetizer combo so unapologetically huge and high-calorie that it is the same size as a grown man's torso.

Blog Photo - Is the Georgia Dome  "Sliderita" bacon-cheeseburger-margarita a real thing?If I tried to put one of these things in my stomach, I'm afraid the phrase "Rise Up" would take on a whole different meaning.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Sliderita is a legitimate item on the Georgia Dome concession menu. The guy just slapped it together because he is weird/brilliant like that. Georgia Dome concessions do offer margaritas, and they do offer bacon cheese sliders, pulled pork sliders, and fried green tomato sliders. There is a "Beefy Pig" burger on the Georgia Dome menu that tops your bacon cheeseburger with barbecued pork. They also offer a Nacho Dog, if you need strange concoctions mixing incompatible junk foods. But no actual Sliderita.

The Sliderita, though, has managed to become a social media phenomenon that just might find its way onto a Georgia Dome menu. This "bacon cheeseburger margarita" has hijacked the Georgia Dome Twitter feed, and has even received an official retweet from the Georgia Dome Twitter account. It's probably just a matter of time before someone crops that picture into an avatar and starts tweeting as if they were a living, breathing bacon cheeseburger margarita.

If you're curious about what a Sliderita would actually cost -- the Georgia Dome does not post their concession prices online. But with standard NFL stadium concession pricing applied, the giant margarita ($14) combined with an order of sliders ($12) would likely price a Sliderita at $26 -- still a better deal than the $60 pizza at Cowboys Stadium.
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