Is the SEC really so Dominate?

11/30/08 in NCAAF   |   maroon&gold4eve   |   14610 respect

First and formost,there is no doubt that Alabama and Florida are clearly head and shoulders better than anyone else in the SEC and ACC.However,after that i'm not so sure.
I have been reading and listening to all the so called experts saying all year how great the SEC is and how woeful the ACC is.I for one am not buying it.
I'll make my point with just a couple of stats.Just take a look at the records:
SEC has 8 out of its 12 teams bowl eligable.
IN:Alabama 12-0,Florida 11-1,Georgia 9-3,Mississippi 8-4,LSU 7-5,South Carolina 7-5,Vanderbilt 6-6,and Kentucky 6-6.
Outside looking in:Auburn 5-7,Tennessee 5-7,Arkansas 5-7,and Mississippi State 4-8.
ACC has 10 of its 12 eligable.
IN:Boston College 9-3,Georgia Tech 9-3,Florida State 8-4,Virginia Tech 8-4,North Carolina 8-4,Clemson 7-5,Wake Forest 7-5,Maryland 7-5,Miami 7-5,and North Carolina State 6-6.
Outside looking in:Virginia 5-7,and Duke 4-8.
Head to head the ACC won 6 out of 10 games:
Wake Forest (7-5) 30 Mississippi (8-4) 28
Georgia Tech (9-3) 38 Mississippi (4-8) 7
Duke (4-8) 10 Vanderbilt (6-6) 7
Georgia Tech (9-3) 45 Georgia (9-3) 42
Clemson (7-5) 31 South Carolina (7-5) 14
Wake Forest (7-5) 23 Vanderbilt (6-6)10
South Carolina (7-5) 34 North Carolina State (6-6) 0
Alabama (12-0) 34 Clemson (7-5) 10
Florida (11-1) 26 Miami (7-5) 3
Florida (11-1) 45 Florida State (8-4) 15
The ACC outside the conference has some impressive wins against other BCS conference.ACC schools hold wins over Nebraska,Colorado,California,Texas A&M,Notre Dame,Baylor,East Carolina,Rutgers,Navy plus a couple more.The only bad loss was to Middle Tennessee State.On the other hand,the SEC outside the conference biggest wins have came against the likes of Memphis,Louisville,So.Miss,Tulane,Rice,and Arizona State.The SEC holds more bad losses than the ACC,dropping game to La Tech and Wyoming.
As I said in the beginning,Alabama and Florida are among the elite in the country but after that IMO the rest are average at best.With LSU,Auburn and Tennessee falling on hard times this season the ACC doesn't look too bad.
Now maybe the SEC can understand what the ACC has felt the past few years with Florida State and Miami not being thier usual strong teams.
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12/6/08   |   taylordanley   |   6 respect

if there was a playoff system two big 12 teams would only end up playing each other haha. where's the love for the MWC?!!! probably the most underrated conference in college football

12/1/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

Good points.  I've been trying to point out this for a while and those are some great numbers.  I'd still call the SEC the 2nd best conference in the nation, but I don't think its much different than the others this year.  The Big XII is in a league of its own.

11/30/08   |   Ryan   |   153 respect

Good article!  Hard to argue with the numbers.  The SEC isn't as strong top-to-bottom as they have been in years past!

I'll second what Tom said - congrats to the ACC on some big wins this weekend!!

11/30/08   |   djclemson   |   4 respect

Great Article!  I have been saying the same thing for the past few weeks. Thanks for writing the article. Maybe some of the ACC haters out there will read it and realize that a conference that beats up on itself is not necessarily weak.

11/30/08   |   tpowell25   |   1627 respect

I knew this post was coming, and it will probably be posted by 2-3 more people before it's over.  And I called this on Friday, stating that the strength of the SEC would come into question after it will most likely lose 3 games to ACC teams this weekend.  I'm like Nostrathomas.

But I can't really argue.  The numbers don't lie.  Congrats to the ACC on some big wins this weekend. 

* I did pick all of those teams to win, btw*