Is this the end for Posada?

10/7/11 in MLB   |   amanda85   |   56 respect

Posada has been on the Yankees since 1995. This year, he took on the new role of DH after an off-season surgery and the Yankees acquisition of Russell Martin at catcher.

However, during this post-season Posada looked like his old self, hitting .429 with an on-base percentage of .579. This, however, doesn't change his stats for the year: .235 average with 14 homeruns. This includes a tough beginning of the season/summer where he fell to 9th in the batting order and pulled himself from the lineup.

The last 71 games of the season Posada tried to salvage his year hitting .282 with 8 homeruns. The Yankees however, seem to be ready for a change. Now that both Austin Romine and Jesus Montero have proven they can play in the big leagues, there is stiff competition for the catching position. Additionally, the Yankees are going to need a more reliable, and more powerful player in the DH spot (especially if A-Rod and Teixeira continue their inability to hit in the playoffs).

In my opinion, Posada was awesome for the Yankees, but it's hard to disagree with the fact that it may be time to move on.
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10/8/11   |   Joe_L   |   12372 respect

I agree with what Bryan said, it's time, he had a run most only dream of. Jorge is one of the few modern era Yankee players I actually respected. The Yankee organization should keep him on, either in the front office or as a coach.

10/7/11   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

I think it may be time to bow out.  He's had a very solid career for the Yankees, and is one of the few guys who actually came up through their system and spent his entire career in pin stripes.  His knees are shot, his numbers are down, and he's not the player he once was.  He should bow out before he becomes a hindrance to that lineup, because it looks like aside from this playoff series, his skills are only going to continue to decline.  Yankee fans, it's not a knock on him, it's just time to accept that Posada could be and should be done.

10/7/11   |   mblueberry11   |   17 respect

Posada is worn out.   Let him go out in style.  

10/7/11   |   amanda85   |   56 respect

mblueberry11 wrote:
The real question becomes should the Yankees start a senior tour.
They are a very old team.

They should offer "senior" tickets to the game... not for seniors, but for us to watch seniors.

Or early bird specials on beer?

10/7/11   |   mblueberry11   |   17 respect

The real question becomes should the Yankees start a senior tour.
They are a very old team.