Ishant's Comeback to the Indian Test Squad.

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       Ishant Sharma is tall youngster who has a good height.He bowls at an average speed of 140km/h.He also has a unique in-swing which troubles the batsmen.For the past few months he has not played an ODI series which is really fair to him because he hasn't had a break for a long time.When I heard about Ishant Sharma's comeback for the test series against Srilanka I was thrilled.

       Now is the time for the tall lad to make his strong comeback with a refreshed mind and body.If he does make a good comeback for the Indian team he will surely play alongside with Zaheer in the world cup as a pacer for the Indian Team.Or else this could be it for the tall lad in the Indian team also it will create a huge problem for the Indian selectors to choose a pacer for the world cup who will accompany Zaheer.

       There are many other pacers for the Indian team who are in the list to accompany Zaheer.To name a few Sreesant , Nehra , Praveen,A.Dinda and etc.So here stands a chance for all the Indian pacers to show their talent.And the selection for the Indian team in the world cup will be very awaiting especially in the bowling category. I hope the best team is choosen for the world cup.And best of luck to Ishant Sharma...  

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