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It Must Have Been A Really Slow News Day In Philly Yesterday

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When you're in high school, being cool is everything. That's why you join the baseball team and become a pitcher. Pitcher = chicks. And coolness.

But that can all come crashing down in a heap, especially when you take a line drive to the groin, and a picture of you gets put up online.

Yep, here's a post from yesterday's PhillyBurbs.com blog:

Bensalem H.S. pitcher Dave Hesdon (#20) took a baseball to the groin in a game against Pennsbury this afternoon. The direct hit took the starter out for the remainder of the game. Although it was unseasonably cold today, an ice bag was used.

Obviously, this was something that desperately needed to be reported - and that they used an ice bag. Citizen journalism at its finest, people.

Naturally the two commenters who responded to the article were enthralled by the news.

Wow! Breaking news! And, a weather report, too!


Just wait until tomorrow’s exciting follow-up.


Ah, sarcasm at its best. By the way, I still believe this formula holds true: Groin shots = instant hilarity.
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Jubanator14 wrote:

Not even Steven Spielberg's less expensive Mexican counterpart could not beat the awesomeness that was "Man Getting Hit in the Groin With Football".


So should we be surprised that it gets reported.

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groin shot = instant hilarity > as long as it isn't me.