It hurts to see the Cleveland Browns hacking off their own feet

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I have always supported healthy competition therefore my allegiance is often found siding with the underdogs, however this is also why I take critical stance at their form. In Cleveland Browns’ case, I always try to remain positive but the team continues to frustrate me with their incomprehensibly stupid decisions and increasingly lack lustrous form.

I will be found lambasting against Peyton Hillis but that is only because I miss the player I grew to like in 2010. I’d even criticize Greg Little and Montario Hardesty for continuing to drop passes as if there was butter all over their fingers. Still, all that hatred isn’t personal, like any other football fan, I simply demand healthier competition.

Usually, I would agree with teams when they cut useless, players from their squad instead of wasting precious time and resources on them, for instance Brian Robiskie’s tenure was disastrous. The 2nd Round Pick from 2009 never lived up to his potential. Signing Chris Ogbonnaya was another bad decision. Sure, Ogbonnaya played well in the preseason with the Houston Texans but even a blind man could judge his game play. His performance for the Browns when Hillis and Hardesty aren’t around has been negligible.

The Browns have surely made a couple of mistakes on the way but I did not expect them to cut the two-time Pro-Bowler Ryan Pontbriand (on November 29). Pontbriand, who had been under a Browns’ jersey since 2003, came under heavy fire on November 13; when his snap hit the leg of Alex Mack. His actions disrupted the timing on kicker Phil Dawson’s 22-yard field goal attempt and that ultimately cost the Browns the game against the St. Louis Rams. It might be worth mentioning that the kick itself was also partially blocked.

Pontbriand was under scrutiny yet again on November 27 (against the Cincinnati Bengals) when he rolled the ball to holder Brad Maynard. This caused Dawson to miss a go-ahead field goal of 55 yards. Again, the Browns had to face defeat, at 23-20. Personally, I would have a hard time believing that even with a perfect snap the Browns could pull off a field goal of that length.

According to reports Pontbriand, who is considered to be one of the best long snappers in NFL will be replaced by an undrafted rookie from UCLA, Christian Yount. This decision is simply beyond me. Yount has played a couple of games with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers until he was waived off on October 25. Therefore, the decision to lay off Pontbriand seems quite unintelligent.

It can be argued that half the roster has had a bad season. Does that mean Greg Little should be the next target for dropping a record amount of passes or Joe Haden, who seems to have befriended opposing receivers by allowing them to catch balls and score touchdowns.

In my opinion, whenever a team releases a true professional and in this case a proven veteran for a waived off rookie; especially when they are planning to rejuvenate, that decision usually brings more trouble than solutions.
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