It seems that the IU scandal casts a long shadow.

12/17/08 in NCAABB   |   raptrbreth   |   19 respect

According to this article,, UAB is down to six scholarship players after four leave the team including Armon Bassett, one of the players from last years Indiana Hoosiers team.  Mike Davis, the head coach before Ralph Sampson, is having trouble fielding a team.  He even has another transfer, Robert Vaden, from Indiana.  The thing I find the most funny about it is, his son is academically ineligible.  Really?  The coach's son is ineligible for academic reasons.  What does that say about your commitment to doing the right thing?  I am stunned to say that it looks like Indiana has been picking great leaders for a while now.  I hope Tom Crean can dig them out.
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