It's FOOTBALL ... It's MEANT To Play Outside

Never in my life have I seen more people complain about playing football outdoors .. suck it up!

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Blog Photo - It's FOOTBALL ... It's MEANT To Play OutsideBoy oh boy would our grandfather's kick our asses. Just this past week I've seen more people complain about the weather in the northeast during December than I've ever seen in my previous 24 years. It is RIDICULOUS.

I know it has to do with the upcoming Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey in just a month in a half but jeez ... SUCK IT UP! I mean those POOR people who would normally wear their suits and ties will have to add another piece of expensive clothing to their ensemble come February when their companies fork over thousands of dollars worth of seats! Ugh. I feel so terrible.

Here's a thought .. maybe make it more about the REAL fans than those who go to the event for the halftime show and status? Let this Super Bowl be for the DIEHARDS and see how much better the quality is. I have ZERO problem sitting outside on a 20 degree day, in some snow, watching my team play. I LOVE IT. It's what football is all about. BRAVING THE ELEMENTS.

How long have we been playing in cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Baltmore, etc? Decades! So why now is it SUCH a big deal?

I hear "I want to see the BEST team win, not the team that has the better day in bad elements." ... why? Isn't it "any given Sunday"? Why should a team built to play indoors and who plays indoors for more than half their season, (e.x the Saints) have the advantage of a cold-weather team like the Ravens or Steelers who play their games outdoors and for more than a month, in frigid temps. It's a game. A sporting event. Two teams on one field, one any given Sunday. Quit complaining and play the game!

Besides ... who DOESN'T love to watch and play football in the snow? If you don't -- you're simply not human.
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Football and soccer share one important thing in common that's relevant here: If it's not lightning or too windy, YOU PLAY!!! Even at ten years old, we played in a downpour until lightning struck.

​Now, this is a soccer guy telling the football people: SUCK IT UP!!!

Or get a retractable roof.