It's Good To Have Heroes

3/30/08 in   |   nebo   |   respect

Where would our world be without heroes. Most of us live pretty ordinary lives. Up in the morning and off to work or school with nothing to look forward to but pizza for dinner.  Television doesn't offer too much relief. When you find a program you like they start reruns at mid season. So how do you spell not   R  O  L  A  I  D  S.  How about H  E  R  O  E  S.  They can do what we never could and without our support they would surely falter. We follow their exploits in Baseball or football or whatever. Perhaps your hero is in a different field but he/she is your hero.

My favorite hero of all time was Mickey Mantle. I became an MM fan in 1956 listening to the radio to his best year the year of his winning the Triple Crown.  Was Mickey perfect, NO! Did it matter , NO!!!  I admired his abilities as a baseball player. I admired his humor. I admired his "GUTS".  Mickey played through much pain in his career but he always gave it all he had.  Perhaps this is why they are our heroes.  They are great but they still have their weaknesses just like us and we can live a heroes life through them vicariously.
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