It's Over

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So, the Heat's run at history has come to an end. That's only too bad because I was on them last night. I still came in with the Weber St. play, so I'm not really shedding any tears. The Madness restarts again tonight, and it's a normal short Thursday schedule in the Association. I don't really see anything with any of these games where I could have a serious advantage, so this will be another quick posting today.



THE NBA (9-5 ATS/8-6 SU/8-6 TOTALS last night and 17-14/19-12/16-15 so far for the week)

1. Lakers (-2, O209) 109, BUCKS 106

2. Pacers (+3 1/2, O192) 100, MAVS 93

3. Kings 95, SUNS (+2, U206) 94



COLLEGE HOOPS (2-4 ATS/2-4 SU/3-3 TOTALS last night and 12-16/12-14/15-13 so far for the week)



The Madness (4-4/5-2/4-4 so far for the week)

1. Syracuse (+5, U135 1/2) 60, Indiana 58

2. Miami-Fla. (-5, O127) 81, Marquette 62

3. Arizona (+3 1/2, O134) 74, Ohio St. 68

4. Wichita St. (-4 1/2, O134) 73, LaSalle 65



That's it. I wish there was more, but some days are going to be like that. Have a great rest of your Thursday, and I'll see you again tomorrow.

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