Ivory Calls Grammar Police Jets Fan a "pumba lookin a**" LOL

10/15/13 in NFL   |   fvittorini   |   8 respect

If you haven't been following the Jets, Chris Ivory has had an awful first half for a guy many thought would be that primary back the Jets have been looking for since Thomas Jones. Ivory has had only 115 rushing yards on 34 carries, for a measly 3.4 yards per, NO RECEPTIONS (in a Marty offense?), has yet to score a TD, and the injury bug hasn't left as Ivory is battling hamstring issues. Not to mention this past week vs the Steelers, Ivory was pulled from the game as the Goal Line back, finishing with just 16 yards. 

Ivory however, did not fail to take out his frustrations this morning via Twitter, with his own little rant that ended with Ivory tweeting a fan an epic... "Pumba Lookin A**" after a grammar police comment. LOL. You know what, I don't like the tweet per say, but I know that grammar corrections ANNOY THE HECK OUT OF ME. Keep that ish to yourself, does it really affect what he was trying to say? Are you his teacher? If you want more feedback on this incident, just search for #pumbalookinga** ... you'll find all you need ;).

Blog Photo - Chris Ivory Calls Grammar Police Jets Fan a "pumba lookin a**"
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