J.R. Smith and Baron Davis to make Knicks debuts soon

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If you are one of those people who have been eagerly waiting for the New York Knicks to make their next purchases, then it seems that J.R. Smith and Baron Davis are going to be made a part of the team any day now.
The Knicks have gained so much press recently because of their famous point Guard, Jeremy Lin who continuously kept prolonging “Linsanity” with giving the team seven consecutive wins, but now as this has ended people can focus back on the fact that the team has almost no fluidity and new faces are needed in the squad.
The New York Knicks team has been riddled with injuries, hired some new players and this will result in a completely new look for the Knicks.
Yahoo! Sports reported that the new players in the Knicks squad may be getting geared up for the coming game on Sunday and may debut against the Dallas Mavericks who are the current defending world champions.
But Smith and Davis have outside chances to make their Knicks debuts. The Knicks signed Smith on Friday and D’Antoni said his preference is not to play him before he’s had a chance to practice, but the shooting guard is in shape after playing in China, so D’Antoni said the team “will see what happens.”
“Davis has been recovering from a herniated disk in his back. He took part in a 3-on-3 workout Saturday, and has regained his conditioning after having to shut it down late last month following an infection in his elbow.”
“He’s close. He could go, I think he could play tomorrow,” D’Antoni said. “We’ll see, but I want to work him a little bit gradually.”
The long time NBA veteran player, Davis has been benched because of injuries but is still expected to play a big role in the team.
Smith has only just recently returned from Chinas he had been locked out of the NBA and was not allowed to play back in the league till the end of the season.
Smith signed with the New York Knicks as soon as he came back state side and still has not even attended a single practice with the current squad.
Carmelo Anthony is still in no condition to play but it is expected that he will make an appearance in Monday’s game.
It should also be noted that Anthony and Smith are former team mates from their days in Denver.
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