JaMarcus Russell Is Making A Comeback & This Is Why You Should Be Rooting For Him (VIDEO)

JaMarcus Russell is making a comeback & this is why you should be rooting for him

5/30/13 in NFL   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

Blog Photo - JaMarcus Russell Is Making A Comeback & This Is Why You Should Be Rooting For Him (VIDEO)As a Oakland Raiders fan, I have been guilty of saying less than unflattering things about JaMarcus Russell, and for that, I was wrong. 

Sometimes fans never get to see what's going on with the man whose jerseys they buy and in whom they place their trust. 

It turns out that Russell was dealing with personal things that would send the vast majority of people into the same spiral he fell into. 

You can see that all in the video below, and you absolutely should take a peek. In a matter of months he lost the men who meant the most to him in this world right before training camp, then lost his job (which was absolutely the right move at the time). 

The good news is that football, which brings him the most joy in life, is likely in his future. 

It was reported on Tuesday that there are multiple teams who are seriously looking at the quarterback, and it wouldn't be a terrible idea if the Raiders were one of them (then again, I'm also a sucker for a comeback kid). 

Russell has worked very hard with the pounds melting off, and even losing 12 last month, and getting down to 265 lbs. 

Seriously, if you are NOT a Russell fan, or if you just love sports because at their core, they are about people, you need to see this.

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5/31/13   |   trishtlc

Basically he should play for the Raiders this year for FREE. He owes them. Then next year he can be a free agent. Let's see if he can put his money where his mouth is.

5/31/13   |   tckingz28

He should go make to Oakland where it all started and redeem himself there.  Because everyone see's him as taking the money and running.  Al Davis fought with his coach to get him and he let him down.  Maybe it was not his fought, but it was. Because if he would have gone to Al, Al would have understood and said get yourself together.  That is where it began and ended.  Redeeming is hard to do.  He should go to camp and see Reggie and try out. ( Stand up man and go there, prove yourself. Finish what you started in Oakland! ) That is where you took the money from the man that believed in you! While your looking up to your uncles, Al is there to with them.

5/30/13   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

Just posted some satire on Russell's comeback, but that's all just for fun. Clearly this is what's up. Great video.