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Jack Elway Has a New QB Coach at Cherry Creek High School, His Dad John

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How's that for some pressure?

Jack Elway, John's son, now gets at 24/7 reminder of what he has to live up to.

Greg Critchett, Cherry Creek head coach, has the task of attempting to gain the attention of his players and not letting down the 2-time Super Bowl winning QB.

Of course, it doesn't exactly hurt to have one of the best NFL players of all-time shedding some wisdom on some young eager minds. How'd you like to have #7 at all your practices? There could be worse situations for high school football teams.

"I'm just trying to get all of these players in the best position to be successful," John Elway said. "That's our job as coaches."

Critchett, whose team opens Aug. 31 against Montbello, indicated his new assistant "didn't want this to fuel a bigger media frenzy, he just wants to be in the background."

That will be difficult, the coach admitted, but the opportunity to add one of the greatest players in NFL history to his staff was too good to pass up.

"As a coach, you're trying to not to have fathers on your staff," he said, "but this is a little different deal."

Since I'm guessing about 99.9% of high school football players in the state of Colorado idolize John Elway, he might be helping his son out even more by freezing a defense with his presence on the sidelines.

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8/30/07   |   Okiedays

Poor kid he will be on one of those where are they now shows. You can have parents who are superstars but if you're a sandwich short of a picnic your screwed. Hope the kid does well but having dad coach is like marrying a striper it don't work. Oregon can have him.

8/23/07   |   Todd

Most of us come to the slow realization that we'll never match the success level of our parents.  If it involves real estate, I know that ship has sailed for me.  LOL


If the elder Elway doesn't ruin him first, Jack is considering seven D-I schools... and Oregon is one of them.