Jack and the Swaybar

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How many of us race fans have seen some of the ways that different car owners as well as crew chiefs try to bend the rules? Back at the beginning of the year when Jack Roush was missing a sway bar that was later returned by MWR. Remember how mad he got? Well like the saying goes. What doesn’t come out in the wash? Will definitely come out in the rinse. So what actually came out in the rinse?

Well if you haven’t noticed the way the rear end in the cars are a little ooops or should I say a lot more kicked out in the rear then the front. Then you probably haven’t really been paying much attention to the cars. But that’s okay. I understand that a lot of you are more mesmerized by who is driving these 3800 pound 700+ horsepower monsters of the black asphalt speedways across America. Now to those of you who have noticed. Don’t go out and get your eyes checked just yet. Because what you are actually seeing is real. Its not an optical illusion or not because you have had one to many to drink.

Jack and his cronies at Roush-Fenway Racing have figured out a way to get more speed going in and out of turns. By tweaking the rear ends just a tad to get the car to turn a little or should I say a lot more then normal. Now the big question is asked? Is it legal? Well according to Nascar they are only allowed to move the rear end a quarter to maybe a half an inch. It looks more like they are moving them more like a 6 to 12 inches. Whatever it is. That’s how Carl was able to get the 3 wins that he has. Now what we are seeing is more and more of the different race teams starting to do the same thing. These cars almost look like they are headed to the infield while going down the straightaway’s

You really have to take your hats off to the engineers who took the time to figure that if a car is already halfway into the turn before it gets there? Just think of how much speed they will pick up as they are entering and exiting the turns. Because speed is always made up in the turns and not on the straightaway’s. It’s going to be real interesting in the weeks to come to see if Nascar is going to do anything about it? Or will they just let it go since they haven’t addressed it yet.

Now as we go back to the beginning of the season and why Jack was so mad about the missing sway bar? That’s why Jack was mad that Toyota had his sway bar. Tweaking the car the way that Roush has been doing will put more stress on the front end. Jack designed a sway bar that would help the car get into the corner a lot smoother with the way the rear end is kicked out. He never mentioned why he wanted that sway bar back so bad other then it was different from the rest. But he did mention that if he saw something different in the Toyotas that he would make an issue out of it. Now its time to sit back and watch and see if he will come out and tell the truth why he wanted that bar back so bad. Sorry Jack. But the cat is out of the hat or should I say the bag.

Well it looks like this chapter of spy gate is now in the books. Until the next team tries to figure out how to get over on their fellow competitors. I’m sure that this won’t be the first time. Or will it be the last. Until the next scandal hits the garages of our favorite race teams. I guess all we can do is wait. Because just as sure as one driver will win every week. I am sure that behind some garage or office is a team of experts plotting out there next diabolical scheme to try to get the upper hand in this cat and mouse game. Only time will tell. And the hands of time are ticking away. I’m Out


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