Jackson asks his men to pull it together for the Playoffs

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Coach Hue Jackson understands that the margin for error is intolerable if the Oakland Raiders want to qualify into the playoffs. The Raiders are 7-6 before they host the Detroit Lions this weekend. Jackson knows that his offensive line is producing turbulent results. Only two players have shown stable form for the Raiders; namely quarterback Carson Palmer and running back Michael Bush.

In an interview after Wednesday’s practice session Jackson told reporters that he had already conveyed the message to his squad and they were ready to fight tooth and nail for a spot in the playoffs. However, Jackson and Co. will have to bring their A-game to the green as the Lions are 9-4 after a solid win against the Minnesota Vikings. Jackson stated that the Raiders needed to concentrate on eliminating mistakes and bring their natural game play to the field.

“Absolutely. The margin for error is gone,” Jackson declared. “There is no more. We’ve got to play Raider football the way we know how to play. I feel good today because I think our guys understand what’s at hand. It’s not like we don’t, we do. It’s sitting right out there all in front of us. We need to go play well here at home, we’re not traveling anywhere; we’re just traveling up the street into our stadium at the ‘O’ and get ready to play, and I think our guys will be ready to play.”

Jackson further informed that his men were eager to face the Lions on Sunday. Jackson said that they were enthusiastic and energized to defeat them in order to book a place for the playoffs. Raiders were defeated in their last two games, which were against the Miami Dolphins and the Green Bay Packers. Jackson told reporters that although the defeats had given birth to disappointment in the camp, his men were ready for retribution.

“… It probably was different than it’s been the last four or five weeks because again, these guys understand. I mean I know this football team and I know where they’re head is and they understand what we need to do, and we’ll come play. We’ll play the way we’re supposed to play.”

Jackson certainly has the capability to lead the Raiders to a playoff finish and Raiders certainly have the talent pool to level up against top notch teams in the league. Therefore, what’s left to be worried about is the desire for victory. 

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