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Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan buys EPL team Fulham

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Blog Photo - Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan buys EPL team Fulham
Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan paid a special tribute to Mohamed Al Fahyed after taking over Fulham Football Club from him this week. According to report the sale of the club occurred somewhere around Friday night. The price tag set by the 84-year-old owner hasn’t been confirmed, but it is believed Shahid Khan paid in between $226-$300 million (£150-200 million).    
Under the ownership of Mohamed Al Fahyed, who bought London club in 1997, Fulham picked itself up from the third-tier of English football to the Premier League. Mohamed Al Fahyed’s financial support helped Fulham establish a strong place in the top tier of English football. Last season, Fulham managed to end the season at 12th place.
Shahid Khan, a Pakistani born billionaire owner of the NFL franchise Jacksonville Jaguars, hailed the work done by Mohamed al Fahed for Fulham. Shahid Khan claims Mohamed Al Fahyed had a “great vision” at Fulham.
“I think it (what Al Fayed has done) is incredible. The man rescued Fulham and had a great vision which he's shared with me. I think it's very, very important to all the Fulham fans,” Shahid Khan said in his at unveiling ceremony at Craven Cottage.
“We have to respect history. I am going to listen to the fans and decide...but we have to make sure it's sustainable.”
Shahid Khan also confirmed that the Riverside Stand at Craven Cottage will not be pulled down, which is something that got the approval of Mohamed Al Fahyed as well.
“I would absolutely be open to that,” Shahid Khan added. “I think we have to honour him, we have to respect what he did. That would be something we want to think about, but absolutely I would be open to that and everything.
“I think he has an incredible legacy here. I think if you are a Fulham fan, you understand that. How important that is, what the man did for this club. I have a huge amount of respect for that and its history. I think we have to respect it but we have to move forward.”
Unlike other big that have the intention of reaching their financial limits by spending money on players, Shahid Khan will be satisfied by positive “sustainable” results. Shahid Khan labeled “community affairs” as an important factor and showed ambitions of further developing the youth development program.
“The goals for this club are very clear. I think it has to do community affairs, we have to have a youth development program, we have to invest in Craven Cottage. On the pitch, we have to have sustainable results moving forwards.
“I have felt that football clubs, whether soccer or NFL football clubs, are civic institutions. We are custodians of that. It is business, yet it is a civic asset. Fulham is going to be Fulham. It has its unique character, unique history and our goal would be to develop that, respect that and move it forwards.”
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