Jaguar’s Quarterback Blaine Gabbert to start against Colts

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Blaine Gabbert is back in action for the Jacksonville Jaguars and hungering to earn a win. Gabbert suffered a laceration to his throwing hand during the loss to Kansas City due to which he missed 2 games.

The cut required 15 stiches to close. He is expected to start the game against Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.
Gabber sustained the injury when his hand made contact with a defender’s facemask. On Sunday the remaining stitches were taken out and the injury declared healed. Regarding his return to the field, head coach Gus Bradley said "We feel good about him going into this week."
Gabbert has spent majority of his time on the sidelines with the Jaguars. Gabbert was a 10th overall pick during the first round of 2011 NFL draft and came highly rated. He has been absent from 10 of the 13 total games played by the team. He missed two preseason games because of a fractured right hand thumb. He suffered a torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder and has been out of the last six games of previous season owing to a right forearm injury. 
Coach Bradley was swift to give Chad Henne the quarterback position. "I think this has been good for Blaine, to go through the game process, the game-planning process, to go through all the meetings, and be in there with Chad and maybe see a different side of it,” said coach Bradley when asked about Blaine. “I think that's been good for Blaine."
Gabbert succeeded in making the worst opening in the history of Jaguars. He managed to make 16 out of 25 passes for 121 yards, was sacked 6 times and had two interceptions. The Jaguars lost to Chiefs 28-2.
The Jaguars are still willing to wager on Gabbert believing he packs more talent than Henne and with a little investment might be worth the effort. They are willing to use the season to analyze him and calculate if he has what it takes to evolve into a permanent starting quarterback. But Bradley did add that Gabbert had a problem of putting too much effort into pleasing people.
"When you do that, you might not take as many risks because he doesn't want to let anybody down. I think we have to change his mind-set to say, 'It's OK, don't worry about us, we'll be fine,” said Bradley about Gabbert’s problem. “The way you please us is to go out there and let loose and take some risks and to do those things and play with some more freedom. I think that's what we've got to develop with Blaine."
"He has some special talent. We really like his traits. He's 6-5, 250 pounds, runs a 4.5,” said Bradley when asked why Gabbert was worth the trial. “He does some things well in the movement. He makes some mistakes in the decision making. ... Maybe we have to simplify it and allow (him) to play with more freedom.
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