Jaguars coach Gus Bradley optimistic despite 0-4 start

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsHead coach for Jacksonville Jaguars Gus Bradley is still optimistic in the face of recurring losses. Even though the team has 31 points, the lowest in the entire league and there have been no improvements in performance, he is still positive.
"It is a results league and we're trying to stay away from that. Not that that's not important. It's very important to us, but we feel the quickest way to get there is our process,” he said. “But I understand that's in the back of their heads. We'll utilize that. If there is some frustration by the players, that's OK as long as we utilize that to help us get better."
He is still clinging to his strategy and is managing at the moment to make the players do the same thing although he accepts that anyone questioning his methods is entitled to his doubts, especially with the results he is giving. At 0-4, people are getting uneasy and wondering if the Jacksonville Jaguars will even win a match. And the match against Indianapolis Colts has done nothing but add to the doubts.

And people don’t have high hopes for the Sunday match against the St. Louis Cardinals. Maurice Jones-Drew is at his all-time low with 23 yards over 23 runs. He has a total of 138 rushing yards and one touchdown to go with it. He has his longest run at 10 yards and an average of 2.4 yards per carry. "It's been pretty tough. It's been the same every year, though. People load the box when they play us,” he said. “We just have to go back to what we do best and that's all of us getting back on the same page and running the ball with a mindset of let's get it going."
The Jaguars hadn’t predicted that making running plays would be this impossible for them this season. Although the Jaguars have had a consistently failing offense for the past three years, they have always managed to gain yards by running the ball so this does come as a shocker.
The interior line has been wobbly, with lack of decent players and Marcedes Lewis out with a calf injury.
"We've got to figure out something. I don't know how many yards we had (Sunday), but that's not going to cut it,” he said. We've got to continue to figure how we're going to run the ball, how we're going to get our playmakers the ball, our receivers, our tight ends and just continue working."
Despite the odds against them, coach Bradley said that the team was holding.
"Their attitude is great, they're doing everything we ask, and so for their sake, you'd like to have it come together," the coach said. We all want it to happen fast, but I think the biggest thing for me with this group is to stay consistent and stay strong. I believe it.”
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