Jaguars fans hold rally to sign Tim Tebow

Tebowmania level: Appropriate

9/17/13 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Blog Photo - Jaguars fans hold rally to sign Tim Tebow

Is Tebowmania officially over? It sure looks like it could be.

In Jacksonville, the NFL city where Tim Tebow most likely has the most fans and the current QB situation is dreadful, a planned "Sign Tebow" rally only garnered a handful of fans.

Granted, the 12 or so fans that showed up probably represents a solid percentage of the Jaguars fan base, but still... this is a bit embarrassing for a player whom the media has hyped up ad nauseam ever since he entered the NFL.

It looks like even the most earnest of Tebow supporters have finally realized the truth: He's simply not cut out to be a QB in the NFL.
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