Jake Locker, One more year?

12/9/09 in NCAAF   |   gamemaster2585   |   1 respect

At the game saturday against CAL, the whole crowd was chanting " One More Year!" over and over again. Jake Locker has a  big choice this off season, is whether to join this years NFL draft or stay for his senior year.

My point of view is that he was injured for the majority of the 08 season so he doesnt have a full college expirence. Seeing that most juniors that go to the NFL draft dont have a completely sucssessful carrer. I mean Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate can go ahead they have had good season and played the full time. But knowing how bad of a team the huskies have been i think he can use on more year of college expirence. Also knowing Sark was a great quarterback at BYU in his time, that could really help Jake as well.

But it is his choice and he can do what he likes but from my point of view he should stay one more year. What do u think? one more year, good enough for draft or dont give a damn what he does.
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