Jake Long in hopes of earning $11 million annually

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Five years ago, Miami Dolphins left tackle Jake long was a top prospect, being drafted first overall by the Miami Dolphins in 2008. While Jake Long’s five-year, multi-million dollar contract made sense back then, his production has been on the decline in recent years. But Jake Long has developed a taste for contracts that pay nearly over $11 million annually, and that’s what he’ll be demanding staring next season on a new contract, probably with a new team.
Jake Long, who’s on an expiring rookie contract, is trying to evaluate his worth on the open market. Comparatively, Cincinnati Bengals right tackle Andre Smith is also looking for a contract on the open market that could pay $9 million per year. However as evident, Jake Long and Andre Smith’s positions are different, based on they play on opposite sides of the line. Moreover, word is circulating that Jake Long may not remain at left tackle for long now, if he signs onto a multi-year deal.
The four-time Pro Bowler Jake Long has struggled with inconsistency and an injury marred run over the past two seasons. Jake Long ended both 2011 and 2012 seasons on the injured reserve after sustaining triceps injury. He played 12 games this season, while starting all of them as well.
Though Jake Long’s currently rehabbing from triceps surgery, he expects his body to fully recover and return in better form to post greater production in the future seasons.
Jake Long is set to become a free agent if the Miami Dolphins don’t sign him to a franchise tender to the tune of $15.3 million, constituting a 20-percent raise from his 2012 salary cap number. But with retaining Jake Long possibly costing the Miami Dolphins more than what their current offensive line is worth, the team has shown no indication towards bringing him back next season.
While no team will be willing to cut such a big pay check, the 27-year-old Jake Long is still young and despite his recent disappointments will generate some interest in the open market.
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