Jason Garrett talks about Dallas Cowboys hiring!

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Jason Garrett is very happy and satisfied with the way Dallas Cowboys have been all through the free agency period. He really appreciates the efforts made by the team management to get their perfect strategy made and then hiring the best available option as a player to fit into the desired strategy. Although the Dallas Cowboys have been under constant criticism for whatever they have been doing all through the free agency period and critics and skeptics have been very upset about their slow hiring but they kept up with the pace finally. Dallas Cowboys management was a bit slow in getting their term finalized with the players and getting the contract signed but in the end we can see that they have put together a good crème for their league.

However, the team of the Dallas Cowboys is yet not complete. Jason Garrett also commented on the matter and said that he wants the fans of Dallas Cowboys to know that the team is not still finished and Dallas Cowboys are still not done with the hiring process. He also said that the Dallas Cowboys will be taking some more time before they give a final list of the entire team. Jason Garrett delivered this message to the fans of Dallas Cowboys this Wednesday when he was invited on a breakfast session with reporters from all over regarding the NFL. This information from Jason Garrett makes one point clear that Dallas Cowboys are still not completely done with their draft and their final strategy regarding the game plan. We can also expect a few more hiring by Dallas Cowboys in the coming week before the free agency period ends.
Adding more information in his talk, Jason Garrett told reporters that Dallas Cowboys planned to make a hype and competition in the NFL through the selection of a strong team. By adding in the best available player that suited the game plan of Dallas Cowboys best, the team chooses from the best available options. Jason Garrett further explained that by creating competition the team meant that they looked for the best players around. Dallas Cowboys management evaluated each player and estimated their upsides and best abilities. They also noted if the genre of player suited with the game plan of Dallas Cowboys for season 2012. Then once the team was done with short listing their final options, they did their best to make the player available for Dallas Cowboys.
Concluding his discussion, Jason Garrett said that we choose the guys who we believe can take the team of Dallas Cowboys to a new height and that the team management has invested their full confidence in the players they choose this season to get the team through the tough competition coming this season.
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