Jason Jones shunning media spotlight to count towards Lions’ defensive line

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsJason Jones hasn’t stirred up much talk since he signed a three-year contract with the Detroit Lions in the March. But the relatively quiet transmission on that end shouldn’t be taken as a bad omen. Jones has good reason for his absence from the media spotlight, since the defensive end has been instead concentrating on making his presence felt on the Detroit Lions’ defensive line this offseason.
"Yeah, that's cool with me,” Jones said on recently not drawing enough media interest. “I try to stay out of it. I don't really like the spotlight too much. I know I'm a good player, so none of that stuff really affects me, whether or not they're talking (about me) or not.”
"I like staying low, under the radar, and just go out there and work, I came here to make plays for our defense,” Jason Jones talked about his main focus this offseason.
But while Jones has managed to slide under the media’s radar after restricting himself to a corner in the locker room to instead quietly work on his game; the sixth-year veteran’s commitment, focus and contribution has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the team.
"He might be forgotten for you guys," Lions coach Jim Schwartz told reporters, "but he's certainly not for us or our offense who had to start to go against him."
Jason Jones also seems to have won over teammate Ndamukong Suh, who has consistently mentioned Jones – after nicknaming him "J.J." – when Suh speaks of the Lions’ retooled defensive line. Jones also seems to have molded himself well according the Lions’ defense and is excited to kickoff the season with his new team.
"Oh, I love it," Jones expressed about the fit with Suh and the rest of his teammates. "I love playing next to Suh. I love playing with Willie (Young), with (Nick) Fairley. I love playing with all the guys we've got right now. I think it can be a big year for us."
The players have scattered for now to enjoy their vacation, after wrapping up mandatory minicamp on Thursday.  But Jones expects that the chemistry between the group will get even stronger when the Lions regroup for training camp in late July.
"These OTAs were the first time for all of us being together and being on the same page. So once camp comes, there'll be more time to work on it,” said Jones. “We'll be further into things we are now, as far as defense, rush patterns and all that stuff, just building camaraderie amongst ourselves."
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