Jason Kidd Arrested

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Blog Photo - Jason Kidd Arrested
Jason Kidd was arrested this past Sunday morning in the Hamptons for driving while intoxicated.  Nobody else was hurt in the single car accident, but Kidd did sustain some minor injuries.  Reports indicate that Kidd cheated death by “just a few feet” after his Escalade slammed into a pole going 60 mph. 
According to the New York Post,
“He had just left a raucous East Hampton club, where he allegedly wildly swilled from bottles and danced on banquettes before getting into a blow-up with his wife when a sexy female fan asked him to pose for a photo.  Cops at the crash scene said they saw a blitzed Kidd lumbering out of the Escalade after the 1:56 a.m. crash and acting strangely “nonchalant.’”
Reports differ on whether Kidd’s wife, Porschla Coleman, left the club before Kidd or after Kidd, but she was not in the vehicle with Kidd.  When law enforcers finally arrived on the scene, Kidd refused the breathalyzer test and was apparently so drunk that he was singing while taking his fingerprints. 
One source at the club said, “he was dancing on banquettes, passing bottles — his ass was lit up lighter than July 4!”
After his arrest and initial hospital visit, Kidd wound up back in the hospital after he had a bad reaction with a sleeping aid.  However, no one believes that this was a suicide attempt by any means.  Kidd is expecting a child very shortly and just signed a three-year deal worth $9.5 million with the New York Knicks.  If anything, Kidd was celebrating the recent events in his life a bit too hard.
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That's a god awful picture.