Jason Kidd Fined $50K for Flopping

11/29/13 in NBA   |   aaronjchung   |   264 respect

Blog Photo - Jason Kidd Fined $50K for Flopping
The NBA has fined rookie head coach Jason Kidd for flopping in Wednesday night’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers. With no timeouts remaining, Kidd told his own player, Tyshawn Taylor, to “hit me,” so that he could drop his drink all over the floor and stop play as a functional timeout.
And the play actually worked. The Nets were able to delay the game and draw a play while the floor was getting cleaned. What is so sad about this debacle is that Jason Kidd was not even the one drawing play. His other assistant coaches were designing the play, while Kidd was fooling around with his shenanigans.
This is an embarrassment for head coaches across the league and it is no coincidence that the Brooklyn Nets are now 4-11. What is even more disappointing, however, is seeing Jason Kidd disrespect the game with such a lack of integrity and actually think he could get away with it.   
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