Jason Kidd Not on Hot Seat - Yet

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Blog Photo - Jason Kidd Not on Hot Seat - Yet
After losing Deron Williams, yet again, to another ankle injury Wednesday night, the Mr. Potato Head ensemble called the Brooklyn Nets are going to have to find the right pieces to start winning some games. And the right piece they may have to find is a head coach.
With the amount of veteran leadership the Nets have, Jason Kidd’s son should be able to coach this team, but after falling to a 3-7 record with a loss Wednesday evening to the Portland Trailblazers, people are starting to question whether Jason Kidd can coach at all.
One scout said, “He doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t make calls. John Welch does all the offense. Lawrence does all the defense. … I don’t know what Kidd does. I don’t think you can grade him and say he’s bad. You can give him an incomplete.”
After yesterday’s loss, Kidd himself said, “Just bad coaching. I take the blame for this.”
Additionally, David Thorpe of ESPN told Henry Abbott of TrueHoop TV,
“He (Kidd) gets an F. He gets a 0. My wife could coach a team to a 29th ranking for that team. She doesn't know much about basketball. He just... his guys, I don't think they have any purpose and passion to what they're doing. I think they're discombobulated. Listen, Henry, he was an amazing player, one of my favorite of all time for a lot of different reasons, but our profession is different from his profession, and to assume that that transition is easy, it's a short bridge, is crazy. He has a long way to go to figure this out. Do I think he'll be better? Will they be better? It seems very likely. But as he's currently doing, he's the worst coach in the NBA.”
For now, Kidd’s job is safe. It is just too early to fire someone after 10 games in the season. However, it would not be the first time it has happened. The Lakers fired Mike Brown right around this time last year. Fortunately, for Kidd, the Nets have a bit more confidence in him…for now.
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